Golf Gambling Sites

by admin on March 5, 2015

The best golf gambling sites online allow you to place real money wagers on a variety of professional and amateur golf leagues, including the PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA and NCAA. When seeking the best golf betting sites, it’s important to consider the quality of all features at betting sites, including promotions and bonuses, customer service, banking methods, available wager types, software and more. Some golf sports gambling sites offer frequently updated strategy articles, betting guides, tip sheets and more to help you make the smartest, safest bets.

Types of Online Golf Betting and Wagering

The best las vegas sports betting sites offer numerous ways to place wagers, such as propositions, straight bets, if bets, parlays, teasers, pleasers and totalizers. Many high quality golf gambling websites also offer futures, in which you can wager on major golf events such as the US Open, the Masters, the British Open, the PGA Championship, the LPGA Championship and the Kraft Nabisco Championship, well before they occur. Golf gambling sites with low minimum wagers and high maximum wagers are also preferable.

There are generally three popular types of online golf betting offered at golf betting sites:

  • Betting on the outright tournament event winner.
  • Betting on a golfer to finish in the top 3
  • Betting that a certain player will finish higher than another
  • Golf 3 ball betting
  • Head to head or golfer vs golfer bets
  • Golf prop bets and wagers

In all cases, the bettor needs to bet a certain sum of money (say, $100). Usually golf bets and wagers are usually offered by online sports gambling websites with golf betting lines that read like:

Rory McIlroy +150

A positive line indicates that the wager payout is 150% of the wager sum. If a bettor bets $100 on Rory McIlroy winning a particular golf tournament and the odds offered by the golf betting site for that wager were 150, then at the end of the event, if Rory McIlroy wins, the bettor will get their $100 money back plus the $150 win.

Rory McIlroy –120

If a negative line is placed before the number, than the wagered sum is larger than the winnings (the wagered sum is 120% of the winnings). Basically, a bettor that wages $120 for Rory McIlroy being in the top 3, if the golf bet is accurate, will pay the $120 back plus a $100 win or profit.

Another golf betting line might look like:

Rory McIlroy -120 Bubba Watson +150

In this case, this golf betting line means that gamblers who bet on Rory McIlroy finishing above Bubba Watson will have to bet $120 to win $100 out of an accurate bet, while bettors wagering on Bubba Watson beating Rory McIlroy will be winning $150 for an accurate $100 bet on that possibility. In this particular kind of golf sports bet, the actual ranks are of no relevance.

Other types include tournament group betting (where groups of players are being selected by the bookmakers and the bettor wages the chance of the entire group finishing in a particular section of the chart) or 3 ball betting (wagering on the order in which 3 players will finish).

Bonuses At Golf Online Gambling Websites

In order to maximize your bankroll, it’s wise to seek golf gambling sites offering a large number of bonuses and promotions. Many golf betting sites offer unique rotating promotions specific to major golf events and golfers. In addition, most of the best golf gambling sites offer regular, constant bonuses such as free bets, initial signup bonuses, gamblers’ insurance and referral bonuses.

High quality online sports gambling sites offer referral bonuses of at least $25 or $50 for each friend you successfully refer to the site. In most cases, you’ll receive your bonus after your friend makes a real money deposit. Gamblers’ insurance is a very lucrative promotion as well, since it returns some of your lost wagering money directly to your bankroll on a regular basis. Some online golf betting sites also offer free bets for new players and those who sign up for new services, such as mobile gambling.

Software Options And Features At Golf Betting Sites

Many quality golf betting sites offer golf gambling and other forms of sports betting through a single, browser-based betting application. This allows you to place golf bets using any operating system, including Mac OS, Linux and Windows. In order to use more advanced software features, some golf betting sites require you to use a broadband Internet connection and the most updated version of your web browser.

Advanced software features such as live match video and mobile betting software are the marks of the highest quality golf gambling sites. If a golf gambling site offers a mobile betting application, ensure that it’s compatible with your mobile devices before registering. Many golf bettors who enjoy making proposition bets in real time prefer online golf gambling sites with live video, as it allow for more informed wagering decisions.

Customer Service At Golf Gambling Sites

The best golf gambling sites offer customer support through various methods such as email, phone, fax and live chat. Most golf bettors find that live chat and phone support offer the fastest answers. It’s important to ensure that your chosen golf betting site offers free 24/7 support through at least one method.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods At Golf Gambling Sites

Legitimate golf gambling sites accept free deposits and withdrawals through several banking methods, such as e-wallet services, prepaid cards, bank transfers and credit cards.


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While it’s hard to say which site might best be able to assist you with your move into Bitcoin gambling, certainly is a great place to start. All of the information they provide is meant to ultimately assist you in making the most prudent and financially viable gambling decisions where Bitcoin is concerned as well. Likewise, if you’re still on the fence about gambling with bitcoin, you’ll find lots of information to help you get started and lay out the details in a way that makes it easier to understand where you should be and what you should be doing.




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