How To Pick the Winning Slot Machine

by admin on April 9, 2012

The best slots to play are in Las Vegas, where competition is fierce for the gamblers money. Vegas locals don’t like playing on the strip with all the tourists, preferring to play at the downtown casinos that offer 1 percent better payouts to cater to the local residents. As a tourist, you have just as much right as the locals to take advantage of the increased payouts so, next time you’re in Vegas head off the strip to where the locals play. Avoid the low playing slots in bars, restaurants, supermarkets and airports. Also, stay away from the Jumbo slot machines, they rarely payout.

The inside of the slot machine is where the RNG (random number generator) resides. The RNG selects hundreds of numbers each second. Each of those numbers corresponds to a certain symbol combination which will appear if the slot is played at that exact moment. Even if no one is playing the RNG is still generating numbers. If the slot machine is sitting idle when the RNG selects the winning combination, that combination passes without notice. The timing has to be correct right down to the millisecond in order to catch the machine when its RNG comes up with the winning combination.

Since the RNG doesn’t remember what number combination it has generated in the past it is possible to pay off once, twice or even three more times in a row. So, if you have won a slot jackpot, try 3 more pulls, you may get lucky.

Avoid slots that’s have video play rather than standard reels spinning. Video slots eat your money quickly and there is a penalty for playing less than the max. coins.

Slot machines that seem to have a higher payout are the Diamond-type slots such as the double or triple diamonds which is a 2 or 3 coin max. slot that has a single play line that can triple your win for a particular 3-wheel combination.

Other good slots are the red, white and blue sevens. They have single play pay lines with two or three coins maximum.

Choose slots that have the fewest reels. The odds of winning with a 3-slot reel are greater than the odds of winning with a 5-slot reel.

Also, why not just ask the casino host or change person which slots are the best. Just don’t forget to go back and tip them if you win.

As you look for the best slots to play, spread yourself around. It may take a bit of time to find the ones that payout, but isn’t that half the fun?

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